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What Do You Know About Coffee

Jazz Up Your Morning Coffee With these Tips

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day, and most of us accompany it with a cup of coffee. If you frequently drink coffee, sometimes it can feel a bit boring and repetitive. Below are some fun ways to jazz up your morning cup of coffee and add some excitement to your morning.

Include Flavored Syrup
If you are a coffee lover, then the taste of a fresh brew is enough to give you heavenly sensations. But if you want to include some extra flavor to your coffee, why not consider adding some flavored syrup? You can find the syrup at the big coffee shops and you can also get to buy some for home. There are myriad flavors including the pumpkin spice which is great during fall along with the Christmassy gingerbread. You only need a teaspoon of the syrup in your coffee to get the extra flavor every morning.

Get a Different Roast
Coffee is availed in many different roasts that use different coffee beans. The majority of people tend to find a roast they like and stick to it. A typical breakfast coffee tends to have a medium roast, so if you have been drinking that all your life, it is time to try something else. You can switch to a lighter roast or a darker one. You can give dark a try as some of the best dark roast coffee is made by Italian companies, and as you know Italian coffee is good.

Make a Fancy Coffee
In most case, you might find out that when you make yourself coffee it is something that is boring. Add the extra spice to your morning by making a fancy little flat white, cappuccino or latte. You only need something to froth up and heat milk, and you have that fancy cup of coffee. You can access loads of tutorials online that will help you make any of these beverages and add some fun to your mornings.

Have it Ice Cold
You can be more experimental by making your normal morning coffee then shove it in a blender with ice cubes. And there you go, you already have made yourself an iced cup of coffee. Add some extra milk or cream to the mix and turn it into a milkshake of sorts. A fun little idea to help wake you up even more with a jolt of coldness. It provides with a perfect drink for the morning in the hot months of the year.

You can have four alternatives to your usual morning coffee by trying each of these ideas during the week. You can break the monotonous routine and have some extra fun first thing in the morning.